Whether it is complying with environmental laws,reducing waste collection costs or minimizing environmental impact, Ecofront Recycling is ready to take on the task by providing individually tailored recycling solutions for commercial and retail spaces, events, office complexes, industrial spaces and residential areas.

Due to growing concerns about overflowing landfills and pollution, sustainable waste management is essential for businesses and homes. Our main objective is to make it easy and cost effective for the client to meet their recycling requirements by providing an affordable quality service. By partnering with customers and the community, Ecofront Recycling is tackling South Africa’s landfill problem by collecting recyclable waste including:

  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Glass Bottles
  • PET Plastic Bottles
  • Beverage Cans

Our outstanding experience in recycling and sustainable waste management allows us to deal with all your recycling needs, allowing you to focus on other areas while having the peace of mind of environmental compliance and a lower carbon footprint.

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