All our services come with a free initial waste audit in order to determine the most efficient and sustainable method of collection

Office Recycling

Office paper requires privacy of information. For our office recycling service we provide a lockable wheelie bin which is collected by our professional, security checked staff. After collection, the paper is shredded and mixed with other paper to ensure that all private information is protected. The paper is then sent for recycling to be turned into other paper products.  If required we also provide additional recycling bins for other recyclable waste such as plastic and glass bottles, beverage cans and cardboard. We guarantee to turn office space into an eco-friendly work environment.

Events Recycling

Ecofront has the capacity to handle events of all sizes. We provide custom made recycle bins and our staff ensures that all recyclable waste is collected during and/or after the event. This service needs to be booked at least one month in advance.

Commercial and Industrial Space Recycling

Shopping malls, warehouses, factories and retail centers benefit from our recycling services. We clear out waste collection sites of all recyclable material resulting in waste volume reduction, saving on waste collection costs. While you focus on your bottom line, we focus on getting your business compliant with legislation and being environmentally friendly. Jump on the green-business bandwagon and improve your business image with Ecofront.

Residential Recycling

For homes and cluster dwellings, our service includes clear recycling bags to place all household recyclable material which will be collected on set dates dependent on location. Simply place recycling bags outside for collection. The recyclable material does not need to be sorted. We do the sorting for you.